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How Systems Control Optimized Purchase Order Management

Nadav Ullman
by Nadav Ullman
Jun 26, 2024

Watch Steve Andrews, Director of Supply Chain for Systems Control, discuss the impact of Leverage on their procurement processes. Systems Control, a turnkey manufacturer, faced the immense challenge of manually processing thousands of purchase order acknowledgements weekly, a process that was both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

By integrating Leverage into their ERP system, they streamlined their purchase order management workflow, significantly reducing manual data entry and enabling the team to manage pricing discrepancies, as well as enhancing visibility into their POs. This resulted in a massive gain in operational efficiency, cost savings, and employee productivity.

Watch the video here:



Ready to transform your supply chain management and achieve similar success? Discover how Leverage can streamline your purchase order process, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Nadav Ullman
Post by Nadav Ullman
Entrepreneur, Investor | Forbes 30 Under 30