Streamlining Supply Chain Communications

Buy vs. Build: Why Companies Choose Leverage Instead of Building Workflows Internally

In today's digital age, workflows are crucial to the success of any business. From managing customer data to automating tedious tasks, workflows can significantly improve productivity and efficiency. 

Leverage + Microsoft Dynamics ERPs

Connect your existing Dynamics ERP instances into Leverage, a centralized hub for end-to-end supply chain visibility. Increase supplier response rates,  automate your PDF acknowledgments or exception handling, and instantly get the shipment status updates you need.

Don’t let PDF Acknowledgments Slow You Down

 Your buying team creates a purchase order in your ERP, and then they email out the purchase order to the supplier. Next, your supplier acknowledges that email by emailing you a separate PDF that was generated by their own system.

How Leverage Makes Customer IT Team’s Lives Easy

One of the most frequently asked questions from potential customers is “how much work is required from my IT (Information Technology) teams?” What’s also one of the most frequent reactions is shock at how little of a lift is required from their IT teams both upfront and ongoing, resulting in...

You Don't Need More Buyers

In the modern supply chain, buyers do more than simply procure materials. They also play a critical role in logistics to analyze current market conditions and secure transportation capacity. These roles are invaluable for companies to ensure that supply chains run as efficiently as possible and...

How to Automate Purchase Order Tracking & Manage By Exception

“Where’s my stuff?” - 

It’s the question supply chain teams are constantly expected to answer.  Increasing consumer expectations for real-time updates and on-time delivery puts immense pressure on buyers and logistics teams to have accurate purchase order status information throughout the PO’s...

Leverage + Infor

Connect your existing Infor instance into Leverage, a centralized hub for end-to-end supply chain visibility. Meet suppliers and logistics partners where they are - instantly giving you the status updates you need.

Why Biden is Prioritizing Supply Chain in 2022

President Biden and his Administration are facing enormous pressure from politicians and the American people to control inflation and cost of goods. In a recent announcement, Biden outlined his plan, which includes: leaning heavily on appointees in the Federal Reserve, decreasing reliance on...

Leverage + SAP ERP Solutions

Leverage connects to SAP ERPs (S/4HANA, ByDesign, Business One, ECC) to automate purchase order status collection for end-to-end lifecycle visibility. Simply create the PO in your SAP ERP, and Leverage takes it from there — delivering the status updates you need quickly and easily.

Pandemic vs. the Supply Chain: Can Technology Solve the Issues?

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the global supply chain that are still being felt through elevated freight rates, capacity constraints, and unpredictable transit times. Logistics technology solutions hope to resolve newly uncovered root cause issues within the supply chain through...

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