Streamlining Supply Chain Communications

New Product Feature: Bulk Accept or Reject Purchase Orders

Leverage is excited to announce a new update to streamline the management of purchase orders that need review. This feature allows buyers to bulk accept or reject multiple purchase orders or line items across multiple POs, cutting down hundreds of hours spent reviewing individual requests. It is designed to make buying teams faster and more efficient when reviewing and approving changes made by suppliers.

4 Big Business Problems Leverage Solves

When it comes to supply chain management, it’s essential that businesses set themselves up with tools that provide reliability. Below, we outline the four big business problems that Leverage solves, the challenges associated with each, and how we solve them.

  1. Scaling procurement operations
  2. Supplier...

The Negative Impact of Manual Processes on Your Supply Chain

In an era where speed, accuracy, and flexibility are paramount for successful supply chain management, the reliance on manual processes can significantly impede efficiencies. The negative impact can manifest in various ways, ranging from increased operational costs and errors to jeopardizing the...

New Product Update: Split Lines

Leverage now handles split lines on all purchase orders. With this new product feature, suppliers can now indicate multiple confirmation dates for a single purchase order line item.  

New Product Update: Shipment Visibility

We’re excited to announce our new product release: Shipment Visibility. 

How Supply Chain Visibility Mitigates Risk

In today's interconnected world, supply chains play a vital role in delivering products and services to customers around the globe. Yet as we’ve experienced on a global scale, the complexity and global nature of the modern supply chain opens the door to various challenges and risks. Increased...

The Importance of Collecting Inbound Order Data

Leveraging digital, automated systems for collecting inbound order data is critical to the success of a business. From production to risk mitigation, putting the right controls in place can lead to significant advantages and should not be overlooked. 

Purchase Order Management: Why Automation and Digitization are Key to Efficient Supply Chains

How many hours a week does your team spend managing purchase orders, from sending approvals, tracking change orders, and following up with suppliers to ask “where’s my stuff?” How often do invoices arrive without context or approval of purchase? If your answer is “more than it should be,” your...

8 Supply Chain Challenges Arising From Delayed Orders

Visibility lies at the heart of building an effective, resilient supply chain. Without it, supply chains—already complex systems—get backed up with delayed orders, leading to operation disruptions, increased costs, and diminished customer satisfaction.

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