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Case Study: How Automating POs Helped Blu Dot Improve Customer Satisfaction

Frank Reilly
by Frank Reilly
Mar 15, 2024

Erin Purvis, Senior Purchasing Analyst for furniture and design manufacturer, Blu Dot, answers questions about how her company—and its customers—benefits from Leverage.

Prior to Leverage, Blu Dot team members manually managed thousands of purchase orders across a vast network of suppliers. Delays and slow responses from suppliers led to missed marketing deadlines and product launches, creating friction internally between departments and with their customers.

By automating its purchase order management with Leverage, Blu Dot's purchasing team has gained back 50% of its time, enabling them to focus their attention on qualitative and strategic goals. 

“We have peace of mind that our POs are being checked on and our vendors are providing week-to-week updates. That gives us time to focus on the big picture and other processes that the purchasing department owns. Leverage has taken care of the manual data-entry type tasks," Erin says.

Want to learn how Leverage can automate supply chain operations and improve customer satisfaction?  Schedule a demo today.

Frank Reilly
Post by Frank Reilly
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