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New Product Update: Shipment Visibility

Andrew Stroup
by Andrew Stroup
Dec 12, 2023

We’re excited to announce our new product release: Shipment Visibility. 

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Supplier Updates


Leverage will collect shipment-related data from your suppliers for every purchase order.


  • Automation for Buyers:Leverage will automatically collect shipment tracking information from your suppliers based on the ship date on your purchase order. No need to reach out or send out any documents manually.

  • Supplier Adoption: Suppliers have an easier way than ever to enter basic information they want to communicate with you, including shipment tracking number, which carrier they are using, and packing list confirmation.  With pre-loaded data sent directly to their inbox, they no longer have to worry about creating PDFs, uploading packing lists, or manually sending it to your team for each  shipment.



Carrier Updates


Leverage now has pre-built integrations with your carriers so you can track your POs from the moment they are created until the moment they are delivered. 


  • Automation: Leverage connects with all major carriers so your buyers no longer have to log in to each carrier, log it into spreadsheets, or triangulate the data with your ERP. All of the shipment status updates are collected automatically.

  • Traceability: By connecting the shipment statuses from your carriers to the tracking data and packing list, your team can track ETAs all the way down to the line-item level.



How You Benefit from Shipment Visibility 


By piping in data directly from your carriers, your team has full visibility into the ETA of your orders, helping mitigate a range of issues: 


  • Product Shutdown: Keep receivables and production lines notified of the order status of items that are required for your finished goods, allowing them to execute with the right data and avoid unnecessary delays. 

  • Customer Retention: Keep your customers and internal account managers  notified of any late items to ensure your customers are fully informed.

  • Inbound Data Integrity: Help your team accurately plan by systematically collecting inbound data throughout the supplier and carrier process and keeping the data in your ERP such as Lead Time drift and OTIF–up-to-date.

  • Vendor Relations: Insightful metrics will empower your team to better manage your supply chain partners, identify room for improvement, and conduct data-driven QBRs.


Check out a demo of our newest product here:


Interested in adding shipment visibility to your operations? Schedule a demo today.

Andrew Stroup
Post by Andrew Stroup
Andrew Stroup is the founder of Leverage, a serial technology entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with domain expertise in supply chain, software, cybersecurity, and robotics.