Streamlining Supply Chain Communications

Leverage + Epicor: Integration for Automated PO Tracking & PO Status Updates

Connect Epicor Kinetic data to Leverage, a centralized hub for end-to-end supply chain visibility. Meet suppliers and logistics partners where they are - to instantly get the status updates you need.

How to Get Your Suppliers to Provide PO Status Updates

A crucial component of the buyer-supplier relationship is tracking purchase orders and maintaining visibility over incoming inventory. Unfortunately, getting real-time PO status updates from suppliers can be a tedious and challenging task, leading to gaps in communication and unanticipated delivery...

Automate Purchase Order Management Within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Connect your existing Dynamics GP instance into Leverage, a centralized hub for end-to-end supply chain visibility. Increase supplier response rates, automate your PDF acknowledgments or exception handling and get the shipment status updates you need, instantly.

A Quick Guide to Getting Timely Purchase Order Status Updates

Having purchase order status updates available in real-time for sales teams, distributors, and end customers are critical to successful supply chain management in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable market. Unfortunately, getting accurate and timely updates can be a challenge. This guide presents...

Leverage + NetSuite: Integration for Automated PO Tracking

Connect the Leverage plug-in to NetSuite and automate your purchase order status collection for end-to-end PO lifecycle visibility. Creating a purchase order in NetSuite is simple, and you can let Leverage take it from there — delivering the status updates you need, quickly and easily.

What is the Role of AI in Supply Chain

Purchase order tracking is by no means new, having been around in some form since the advent of commerce. Buyers have always needed a way to show intent to purchase goods, hence the purchase order. What has changed, particularly in the past decade, is the growing use of emerging technologies and...

Why You Should Stop Manually Tracking Purchase Orders and Shipments

Supply chain efficiency is critical for a company’s success, determining the ability to fill customer orders and ultimately generate revenue. Supply chain teams rely on timely and accurate purchase order updates to ensure they are meeting demand targets and keeping shelves stocked — but getting...

2022 Supply Chain Technology Trends

It should come as no surprise that the last two years have been unpredictable and chaotic for the supply chain industry. The pandemic created a sudden shift in both supply and demand, as well as an incredibly unstable freight market that sent shockwaves through global networks. Procurement teams...

Leverage Raises $5M to Provide Global Supply Chain Visibility

Today we’re excited to announce that we have raised $5M from world-class investors including Mark Cuban, Las Olas Venture Capital, Remarkable Ventures, Tensility Venture Partners and Great Oaks.

The New Role of “Buyer”

Buyers and procurement teams play an invaluable role in the supply chain, sourcing materials and running constant analysis to ensure cost savings and reliability. Like many other aspects of the supply chain, their role has become increasingly complex and challenging through the course of the...

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