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New Product Update: Split Lines

Andrew Stroup
by Andrew Stroup
Dec 18, 2023


Leverage now handles split lines on all purchase orders. With this new product feature, suppliers can now indicate multiple confirmation dates for a single purchase order line item.  
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Customers can opt-in to this new feature through reaching out via customer success.


Once split lines is configured to the account level, your suppliers can split a purchase order line into two to provide you with multiple promise dates, suppliers can do so from our smart digital purchase orders, as well as from the vendor portal. 

Supplier Updates 

To provide you with multiple promise dates, suppliers can now:

  • Split a single line into multiple purchase order lines
  • Indicate separate promise dates for each newly-created line
  • Indicate how many items will be delivered on each of those dates

This new feature further drives Leverage’s mission to provide end-to-end purchase order visibility by facilitating yet another supplier workflow. 


How Split Lines Impacts You

  • Automate any manual workflows that are being done today to process split order needs
  • Increase integrity of the PO data in your ERP by delineating separate promise dates
  • Increase supplier adoption by allowing suppliers to have a fully-featured smart PO that can handle edge cases with ease 

Interested in adding split lines to your operations? Check out a demo of our newest product update here.

Andrew Stroup
Post by Andrew Stroup
Andrew Stroup is the founder of Leverage, a serial technology entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with domain expertise in supply chain, software, cybersecurity, and robotics.